Pre-K 4 – Four Year Olds

Valley Ranch Academy provides developmentally appropriate learning through play and structured activities for Pre-K age children.
Enrollment Options:

2 days per week: 2/3/4 Age Range — Tuesday/Thursday only

3 days per week: 2/3/4 Age Range – Monday/Wednesday/Friday only

5 days per week: Infant/1/2/3/4 Age Range – Monday-Friday

Daily Schedule:

Opening: 7:00AM

Closing: 6:00PM

*limited spaces for 6:30AM drop off for 5 day per week families

After School Care:

After school care starts at: 3:30PM

Closing: 6:00PM

Standard School Day: 8:00AM – 3:00PM

Have questions about our Pre-K 4’s program? Reach out to learn more about our Pre-K for four year olds.

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